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After starting an online clothing brand in 2008 we got into screen printing in order to supply our own line. Amongst friends and community that knew about our screen printing capabilities we unintentionally became a go to source for custom t shirts for businesses, clubs, etc… In order to handle these custom orders we formed Trico Designs. Since then our capabilities have grown from single color prints to now up to 10 color prints with the ability to hold fine detail for half tones or simulated process printing. Between manual and automatic presses we have the capability to print anywhere from 24- 10,000 shirts efficiently. We take pride in producing and offering top quality apparel and not just the typical cheap logo or promo type shirts. We make it possible to have your logo or design printed on high quality, well fitting apparel similar to what you would buy at your favorite stores.


screen printing

For apparel with 1 to 10 color prints and quantities 48 or more.


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