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Koozie Tailgater Hoody Trico Designs

You Stay Warm, Your Drink Stays Cold!

No matter where you go with this people will see your drink chilling in your hoody and be sure to start a conversation or at least notice your logo/brand printed on the front. This is some of the cheapest marketing dollars you can spend.

Meet the Koozie Hoody. Once you have it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! This hoody keeps you toasty warm while keeping your favorite canned or bottled beverage cold. It even has an attached bottle opener so your never left without! Printed with your logo these make excellent gifts for customers and staff.

Koozie Tailgater Hoody Trico Designs

Available in 100% spun poly for a lighter sportier look and feel or also in a heavier 60/40 cotton/poly blend for the feel of a traditional hoody.


60/40 cotton poly blend colors available

100% poly colors available

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